Top 10 Sexiest Vanity Fair Covers

Lindsay Lohan Sexy

Vanity Fair magazine has been published since 1983 and there have been editions for four European countries as well as the U.S. edition. In January 2006, Vanity Fair published a cover feature and an interview with Lindsay Lohan where she admitted using drugs, later Lohan said she was “appalled” that her words were “misused and misconstrued” for the article; the magazine however replied: “Every word [was recorded] on tape. Vanity Fair stands by the story.”

Terri Hatcher Sexy

Terri Hatcher – April 2006

Nicole Kidman Sexy

Nicole Kidman – October 2007

Gisele Bundchen Sexy

Gisele Bündchen – September 2007

Angelina Jolie Sexy

Angelina Jolie – July 2008

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bündchen - May 2009 (twice because she’s so fabulous)

Katy Perry Sexy

Katy Perry – June 2011 

Johnny Depp Sexy

Johnny Depp – January 2011 (the only man in our ten ten because nobody is sexier)

Demi Moore Sexy

Demi Moore – February 2007 (Before all the weight loss and stress of her marriage breakup)

Penelope Cruz Sexy

Penelope Cruz – November 2009

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