Matthew Morrison Feels ‘Trapped’ After Signing A 7-Year Contract With FOX Network


A lot of you might know him as Will Shuester, or perhaps the teacher on Glee but after reading this you’d probably remember him as the man who complains about the littlest things. Matthew Morrison as spoken to The Mirror about the future of Glee and what his projects after Glee include since the show has had such a massive impact on his career (he’s already debuted an album since he started working on the show).

Unfortunately, the only thing he can do is either work on Glee or record several albums. This is due to the fact that Matthew signed a 7-year contract with FOX networks – possibly meaning that Glee will run for up to seven seasons – meaning that he can not sign on to any other deals such as movies, commercials, appearances, etc. if they clash with the dates that he’s supposed to film with Glee… and that’s for seven years.

“It’s not ending any time soon. Once they have you, they trap you. I’m tied in to seven years – I signed up to seven years and I cannot get out of it. I have a really good lawyer but there’s nothing we can do – I’ve had offers recently for a few really cool movies but had to turn them down. It’s so frustrating,” he says.

“None of us realised when we signed up it’d turn into this – we thought it was just a show about kids singing and dancing… I literally cannot get out of it. It’s a great show, it provided me with my big break, but what can I do?”

We get this feeling that someone is being a little ungrateful yet stupid at the same time. A seven year contract? Well then, you have to take it on like a man and deal with the fact that you decided to in your name on the contract. Oh and not even your lawyer would be able to get you out of this one!


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