The Biggest Loser Preview: Season 13 Week 6 (Video)

Biggest Loser  Preview:  Season 13 Week 6 (Video)

On last week’s episode it came down to Mark and Nancy to be eliminated. The Red Team decided to vote off Nancy even though she had better numbers than half her team and is not as lazy as half the rest of her team.  Did you watch The Biggest Loser last week, we did and we have the recap here!

On this week’s episode 6 – Where drama goes, Conda follows! A wild dunk tank challenge leaves one team without a trainer for an entire week.  In this season of “no excuses,” this week’s challenge addresses the excuse “I can’t lose weight on my own.” Trainers Bob and Dolvett  are suspended over water in a wild dunk tank-like challenge in which the red and black teams have to use their strength to keep a weight from landing their trainer in the pool.

The losing team has to do without their trainer all week until the last chance workout. Once the losing team is determined, one contestant admirably steps up to lead their group while their trainer is away, with none of them aware that he is secretly watching how they do in his absence.   Later, a very heated elimination sends another player home after a tense weigh-in.

Check out the preview video below which included a lot of Conda drama!


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