American Idol Top 7 Vote Off Recap 12/04/12

This week one of the 7 leaves us. The contestants left are Phillip, Jessica, Hollie, Colton, Skylar, Elise, Joshua.

The show opened up with the rest of the contestants sing ‘Raise Your Glass’ by Pink. Then they show the ford video.

Now Colton got a prom invitation from a girl from Kansas, Hollie also got a secret admirer of Nate, and Elise received earring for her and Steven from a fan.

Up first is Hollie, Jessica! They send Hollie to form a group to the right side of the stage. And he sends Jessica to the other side of the stage.

Now we have James Durbin performing Higher Than Heaven.

Now Ryan pulls Elise and Phillip Phillips to the stage. He sends Phillip to the right of the stage to join Hollie, and sends Elise to join Jessica.

Jennifer Hudson and Neyo is about to perform singing “You Think Like A Man.”

Up next is Joshua, and Colton. Colton went to the group with Hollie and Phillip. And Joshua went to the group with Elise and Jessica.

Ryan sits on the couch with Skylar alone, your safe! After she hugs all the groups he asks her to stand with the group she thinks is safe, and she walks off. Then Ryan puts Skylar in the safe group which would consist of Hollie, Phillip and Colton.

The bottom three is Joshua, Jessica, and Elise.

Joshua is safe, leaving Elise and Jessica in the bottom, the person at risk leaving Idol tonight is Jessica. Jessica is singing for her life which in my opinion isn’t that great as usual, and then Jennifer Lopez gets on stage and grabs the microphone and says this is crazy and that they are going to be using the save. Then Randy says we are saving Jessica without any doubt and that she is one of the best singers in America and please votes for the best. Then Jessica and Jennifer hug, and so forth.

Ryan and her if she expected to be standing here at the end of the show, and she says no not at all, I don’t expect anything and the judges save her.

Then Ryan ends the show with Jessica singing.

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