Grey’s Anatomy: The Lion Sleeps Tonight Recap 06/04/12

Two doctors are trying to be the first to get the Lion mauling case and then two people come into the ER after being attacked by a Lion who escaped from an owner’s home. The Woman is only worried about her Lion. Two doctors are talking about the Lion attack and then they meet up with more doctors and an intern gives a hug to all the doctors but is unusually long in hugging the one doctor. An intern talks to the head doctor in the sick kids ward and asks to be taken off the case because he thinks that a patients mother is “in to ” him. Two doctors are talking about a nurse.

The only thing that seems to be the hot topic in the hospital is the Lion attack. In the Operating room a doctor just can’t stop complaining as they are trying to save the life of the Lion attack victim and the O.R. is very quiet and she asks if she has offended anyone. And Doctor Grey says that she don’t believe in anything. The woman’s husband who had a heart attack and he had a second one once they were trying to stabilize the first heart attack but the man seems happy even though he is very sick. The Baby is either going to be left to die or to live a life in pain every day. They are attempting to save the man and they pull out a Lion tooth. The wife of the man who had the heart attack is scared that her husband will die.  They do the brain surgery and it goes off without a hitch.

The brain is hemorrhaging and they are trying to save his life now and they saved him. The man who threw himself in front of the Lion and the doctors call him a hero. The Doctor sets the intern straight about the decision she is forced to make on whether her baby lives in pain for the rest of his life or if he should be allowed to die naturally. The girl who was attacked said the guy was to blame for her Lions death.  The doctor who saved the life of the man with a heart attack just learned that his wife died while they were saving him. He begins to cry over his wife’s death.


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