Khloe and Lamar : Under Pressure Recap 15/04/12

Khloe tells Lamar that her mother wants her to give them a grandbaby soon. She asks Lamar what he thought of his game last night and he tells her that he didn’t know what he wanted to do and he was confused Khloe picks up Kim and she tells her that Lamar is really feeling the pressure to perform well. Khloe tells Kim that her mother is hearing that she has been to fertility treatments and adopting. Lamar is having another bad game and is upset about it. Lamar heads home and gets a letter from his old coach criticizing him and he gets upset ad fed up.

The next day Kim and Khloe go to lunch and they talk about Lamar’s Brother being shot and his son’s death and they are trying to figure out how to get him out of the depression he is in. Kim is worried about Khloe and is she is upset about not having a child. Lamar is really not on his game and he really needs to get his head in the game. Khloe says she wants to have a baby but don’t want to be pressured into it. Khloe and Kim go to the Dallas Aquarium to look at the animals. Khloe and Kim talk about invetro fertilization but Khloe says she don’t want to be pressured to have a baby.

Khloe blows up at Kim and says she don’t want to hear about having a baby because she is already pressured by everyone from media to her mom to their other sister and she has had enough already. Khloe calls Kourtney and vents about Kim and Lamar said that it brings more attention to them that they don’t have a baby.  Lamar is at the American Airlines Center and Khloe and Kim are there to support him and Khloe apologizes to Kim Lamar played really well and they are off to Los Angeles

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