Missing Three Bears Recap 1/04/12

Michaels Captures take a picture of him and the girl says that means they are going to move him in a couple of days. Becca is asked why her husband went rogue. She asks him if she has any information and he says that her husband has given her a signal that he wants to meet her. They go to the bank to heck the account and she was scanned and was surprised to learn that she had access to the account and that there was a safety deposit box which requires three thumb prints.  Their her sons and her husbands. Her partner tells Becca that it’s a trap Becca thinks back to the past when she and Paul were talking about her pregnancy and the guy she slept with and he tells her that he wants to quit.

The agency is tracking her while she walks to the meeting place to meet with Paul. They lose her and then she shows up and gives him a coffee the way he likes it. . Michael and the girl are about to escape and she tells Michael to leave while she distracts the guards. Michael finds AK-47′s and hears something and watches a man in a radiation suit come out of an elevator. Becca thinks back to when Michael was little and remembers him taking a dossier and loses Michael for a moment.  Becca is restrained and meets the man who has him and she ends up fighting with the men and being saved by her partner. Becca says they need to get the deposit box before her husband does by robbing the bank. Michael is in the lower reaches of the castle and the girl gets found out that she helped him he is almost to freedom and begins to think of the girl. He goes back to help her. Becca and her partner get ready to rob the bank.

Michael goes back to the castle and sabotages something in the cold storage. Becca enters the bank and the agency tracks her. Michael is in a chair when the guards walk in on him and he is pretending that he just woke up because of them. Becca fakes opening her own safety deposit box and the biggest they have and the robbery begins. Becca has everything she wanted from the box and leaves the bank and the special forces hides the stuff in a garbage bin  and they leave the bank unharmed and untouched with the money tax den and the millions in bonds and shares Becca hands it to the agency and they take it as evidence against him.  They find a cabin in a secluded area in a forest and Becca goes in because the place might be rigged with explosives. The place is rigged to explode and Becca must disarm it before it goes off and she does but there’s a secondary alarm.

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