NYC 22 Pilot Episode Recap 15/04/12

Fifteen police rookies arrive at NYC 22 and they are at role call and they are getting the patrol assignment. A Police Sargent from Gang squad and they go with their training Sargent to their foot posting. A Female rookie officer is told by gang patrol and the female officer is called fine by one of the gang members and she teaches him some manners.

Other rookies are taken for special assignment and another rookie s harassed by veteran officers. Two rookies are babysitting a dead body because his grandson didn’t report the body and is nowhere to be found. The athlete rookie is being talked down to by a civilian who saw every game she ever saw him play in. A rookie is held at gunpoint after leaving her post to buy incense and meets woman with a bruise across her face and she insisted the woman take her to her apartment and her husband takes the rookie hostage.

Two rookies are still working on a toilet and the former basketball player is still taking heat from the civilian about his playing techniques. The rookie walks up to his old friend and asks him about the money he stole. Another rookie is talking to the man with the gun and tells him his story. Another rookie tells a gang banger kid about what it’s like to be a gang banger. The gang gets a call and leave with the two rookies following them and one of the rookies says that it’s going down.

The gangs are ready to fight and all have weapons and the battle between them begins the rookies hold them all off until the officers arrive. The two rookies who were being held hostage turns the situation around and arrest the husband. They all receive a reprimand from the Sargent. They now have their welcome to NYC 22.

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