Ana Matronic Nervous Thoughts Of Having Children.

resizedimageAna Matronic has nervous feelings with thoughts of having children. In fact, the lead singer for Scissor Sisters is just terrified. Following a seven-year relationship she and her boyfriend Seth Kirby exchanged vows in 2010 says the idea of having a family excites her, however, the fear of her very hectic schedule is on her mind as she doesn’t want to be an absent parent.

Asked if she wants children, she said:

“I like the idea of it, but the reality is terrifying because I just have so much to do – I would want to be the kind of parent who has enough time.”

She, along with her husband have been working on renovating their home and she is thrilled that it is almost finished.

She added:

“I love New York and I love my home, I live in Brooklyn. We are still renovating but we are actually almost done.

“We have lots of space. We also have a two bedroom flat to rent out to friends sometimes.”

Also, when she was just six her parents marriage fell apart because he was gay admitting she had no understanding of his sexuality when she was growing up, and when he was fifteen he passed away.

She said:

“When I found out he was gay I was six. It just meant to me that mom and dad never got back together.

“I didn’t really know what it meant to be gay. It was never a problem to me, he was still my dad.”

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Antonio Banderas Divorce Changed His Outlook On Life

downloadAntonio Banderas says his divorce changed everything for him. The Spanish actor from, the voice of “Puss in Boots” now grasps the world in an entirely different way following his and actress Melanie Griffith eighteen year marriage breakdown. It was in 2014 when the two huge stars decided that they would part ways and kept things amicable between them.The fifty five years also admits it was not easy in anyway and he’s still reeling at the fact of coming to terms with it.

“The end of our marriage meant I had to start opening my eyes to new ways of seeing my world and moving forward with my life, my work – with everything,” he told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “We all pass through different turning points and obviously this was a major one. But I don’t dwell on sadness. I’m enjoying the feeling of starting from zero and seeing what’s next in store for me.”

Also keeping as friends has been managed for the couple and in his thoughts, he will always love Griffith for all they have gone through and he would have faced a hard time if they didn’t remain in communication anymore.

“We’ll always be friends, I hope,” he said. “We speak to each other every few days and I’m very happy that we’re not like many couples, where people can become bitter and angry after their marriages end. I don’t see any reason for that. It’s much better to try and remember and honour all the beautiful and happy moments you’ve enjoyed.”

Together they share a daughter, Stella, and as he has recently made the move to New York, he would like it if his family stays close.

“I want to do everything I can to remain a good father to her, even though she’s over 18 and basically an adult,” he explained. “I want to be there for her whenever she needs me and, of course, I miss the fact that we’re not all living in the same house anymore.”

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Sean Connery’s Wife Accused Of Alleged HugeTax Fraud

10246142_1394792267468419_1257258819_nSean Connery‘s wife is set to stand trial, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen actor will have to in Spain which she has allegedly committed tax fraud. The eighty-five-year old’s spouse Micheline Roquebrune, if she is found guilty could face up to a two and a half prison sentence and handed over a fine of more than £16 million, supposedly this is all over a deal which she may or may not have taken part in,

a complex operation to defraud Spanish authorities of nearly £5.5 million during the sale of the couple’s home in the Costa Del Sol, Britain’s Daily Telegraph reports.

This is the story,

Connery has already been investigated over the issue but was informed last year (14) that he would not face trial following his submission of a 56-page document declaring his innocence.

The couple owned the Marbella home for more than 20 years and after clearing Connery, the judge declared he would continue to investigate Roquebrune because of alleged irregularities.

Connery and Roquebrune now live in the Bahamas and will receive a letter from the court informing them of the situation as well as advising them how to appoint a defence lawyer.

The legal problems centre around their Casa Malibu home, which they listed for sale in 1999 before the property was subsequently demolished. The land received planning permission for five flats in its place, but 70 units were later sold for an estimated £45 million.

Prosecutors allege Roquebrune collaborated with lawyers and businessmen charged in the case – named Operation Goldfinger after Connery’s famous 007 movie – to formalise “fictitious legal transactions” so that profits obtained during the sale of Casa Malibu could be hidden from the taxman.

Roquebrune has previously denied the allegations against her.

“These allegations of money-laundering are nonsense,” she said. “We have nothing to do with this. We sold the property and that is it.”

More on Connery he is an award winner retired Scottish actor the son of a cleaning woman, and his father and a factory worker and lorry driver

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Eddie Redmayne Shows Nerves Because Of Nude Scenes


Eddie Redmayne says he is nervous doing nude scenes. The English actress, who did star in the biographical drama film Danish Girl, had feelings of embarrassment saying he is not looking forward to questions following a release date. Redmayne, thirty-three portrayed a challenging role as Danish transgender artist, a woman and one of the first identifiable, recipients of sex reassignment surgery and during one of the scenes he needed to be brave as he had to bare it all attempting to hide his manhood.

“Any time you get naked in front of a crew, it’s embarrassing,” he explained to Details magazine. “It’s not as if we as actors have some way of becoming comfortable with it. It would be exactly like you getting naked in front of 30 people.“I have a fear of talk shows on this one. They always say, ‘Tell me a funny story,’ but the film was so intense. We won’t be putting out a gag reel.”Redmayne had overwhelming feelings knowing the way people showed a reaction when he walked out dressed as a woman.“Just walking onto a set filled with men, watching the difference in how you’re treated, or the scrutiny… the gaze was overwhelming,” he recalled. “A lot of women I worked with said, ‘Yeah… welcome to our world.’”

You may have also seen Redmayne in The Theory of Everything.

“With Theory, I was so scared by it that it forced me to step up and request the things I needed – vocal coaches, movement coaches, specialists,” he said. “I had four months to prepare. For The Danish Girl I had three years.”

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Former Pitcher Tommy Hanson Dies Following Sudden Coma

resizedimage (1)Tommy Hanson has passed away. It is unfortunate that we hear the sad news that the former professional baseball player in Major League Baseball who was twenty-nine years old lost his life, when on November 9, 2015, it had been reported that he fell into a coma with “catastrophic organ failure and sadly later during the night he died at Atlanta Piedmont Hospital, by his side of his death were his old teammates. During his career, he had other things to tend to, including injury and personal loss, the sudden death of his stepbrother

“I was having mental issues with the death of my younger brother,” Hanson, then 26 told reporters then. “I was just trying to get through it. I didn’t know how to handle it.

“That was the first time anything like that had ever happened to me. I didn’t know how to cope with it.”

According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, he had been hospitalized since early Sunday morning.

It was back in 2013 when he last pitched.

Such a sad story.

Thoughts and prayers to the family of Tommy Hanson. Great guy and competitor. RIP

— Josh Reddick (@RealJoshReddick) November 10, 2015

Very sad to hear about Tommy Hanson. Wish his family and close friends a lot of strength. He was a really nice dude. :/
— Andrelton Simmons (@Andrelton) November 10, 2015

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Alexa Penavega Difficult Struggle With Bulimia & Dancing With The Stars

resizedimageAlexa Penavega lived years of struggle because of an eating disorder. The Spy Kids, Carmen Cortez actress went through this ordeal trying to get slim for movie roles in which she recalled she was called fat. Also, the star of the Family series Ruby & The Rockits was in the middle of learning a routine to accompany Ed Sheeran‘s Make It Rain track. is about, handling a difficult personal struggle, for a performance on Dancing with the Stars. What her dance partner, who is choreographer Mark Ballas did was make the decision to use her own personal experiences,

as the basis for the routine after hearing her speak about her eating disorder for the first time.

“The song kinda hit home for me because it reminded me a lot of something I went through,” Alexa says. “I remember I was shooting this movie, and the producers kept telling me, ‘You are too fat.’ As a child you don’t really know how to handle that kind of pressure. So from that moment for the next six years of my life, I had an eating disorder. I struggled with bulimia for so long.

“Even though I got through it, I feel like a lot of my insecurities still with my body are from that.”

The twenty seven year old, who danced perfectly also admitted to keeping her situation secret letting out and honestly feeling this is the right time to share hoping to help those who are pushing through similar demons in their own lives.

“This was a part of my life that I was always so afraid of people finding out. But I knew that at some point I would talk about it because I wanted to help people.”

But sadly her and Mark Ballas’time on the reality show was cut short although she had a perfect thirty score. She was eliminated on November 9, 2015. Following finding out that they were eliminated Carlos PenaVega and Alexa Vega broke down in tears.


That was a devastating elimination #DWTS #shocker #heartbreaking @alexavega @MarkBallas #ProudOfYou #DidntSeeThatComing

What a journey…

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Dane Bowers Sentenced.For Ex Girlfriend Attack

resizedimage (1)Dane Bowers has been sentenced. The English singer, who was a member of the R&B boyband Another Level has been because of assault against his beauty queen ex-girlfriend Sophia Cahill for an argument over glitter. What he has been handed down is one count

of assault by beating and has been given a 20-week suspended sentence for 18 months

Allegedly he hit her face, her hair was pulled and her throat was squeezed.

Sophia Cahill, of Torfaen, said Bowers had hit her in the face, pulled her hair and squeezed her throat.

District Judge Andrew Sweet said the offence, which Bowers had denied, made him eligible for a custodial sentence.

The judge said he had not ordered one because of the long-term impact to Bowers’ reputation.

Miss Cahill said she suffered from panic attacks and insomnia following the sustained attack that lasted up to 40 minutes, Croydon Magistrates

She also said:

“I lost a baby in March this year which could be down to stress,”.

They had split up by the time of the attack

Bowers also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and the celebrity version of Come Dine With Me. At this time, he is a member of the pop supergroup 5th Story.

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Kerry Katona Another Painful Breakup, Doesn’t Need A Man!

resizedimage (1)Kerry Katona says she ‘doesn’t need a man’. The Atomic Kitten member ha been married three times now, and it doesn’t seem to be working out for her, the English singer has made an empowering Twitter post,

insisting she doesn’t need a man in her life to ”make her strong” or ”see her succeed” following the end of her third marriage to George Kay last month.

Her marriage to George Kay only lasted eleven months before they broke up in October, following his arrest for allegedly assaulting her.

Since the painful break-up, Kerry has quit the couple’s home in Crowborough, East Sussex, and is now focused on living for herself and her kids and is adamant she doesn’t need a guy for anything because she has the love of her children.

Taking to Twitter, she revealed:

”I Am A Single Mum Who Doesn’t Need a man 2 make Her laugh, wipe her tears, Hug Her Tight, see Her Succeed, watch Her Fail, or Cheer Her On 2 make her Strong. my Kids Do x (sic)”

Thirty-five-year-old Katona in her relationships, she has five children, Molly, fourteen, and Lilly-Sue, twelve, her daughters with first husband Brian McFadden, daughter Heidi, eight, and son Max with her second spouse Mark Croft, and seventeen-month-old daughter Dylan with George.

And now she would like her,

followers on the social networking site to follow her new outlook on life and be ”patient enough to wait for the things you deserve”.

She said in another tweet:

”Be strong enough to know when to let go and patient enough to wait for the things you deserve! Happy Monday all (sic)”

Kerry’s friend Katie Price re-tweeted her empowering statement and sent her message back full of kisses, describing the reality TV star as her ”gorgeous girl”.

More on Katona, she was the I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! winner in 2004. She was on Celebrity Big Brother 8.

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Former Soap Star Nathaniel Marston Left In Bad Shape Following Crash

rARt_ilINathaniel Marston has been critically injured. There are thoughts and prayers going around for him over social media, The former Soap star of As the World Turns and One Life to Live was in a serious car accident, leaving him badly injured with broken bones and on life support. The incident occurred on Saturday, October 31, Haloween, 2015 near Reno, Nevada, this was according to his mother’s Elizabeth Jackson’s Facebook page.

“Please pray for my son Nathaniel Marston,” Jackson writes. “He was in a car accident last night and is in the intensive care on life support. Back and neck broken in several places. Other internal injuries. Please pray that he will recover and walk again.”

In subsequent updates, however, Jackson says the doctors tell her that if Marston lives, he will be paralyzed from the neck down and require a ventilator to breathe. She also says that she spoke with local police and that Marston was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

Jackson’s friends and Marston’s fans have been leaving heartfelt, emotional messages on the Facebook posts, offering words of encouragement and prayers for strength.

It was in 2007 when he had been fired from the popular Soap One Life to Live because of a felony assault charges in Manhattan.

Marston, forty has also appeared in The Craft, Law & Order: SVU, White Collar, Castle and Blue Bloods.

Thoughts A with the star, hoping him all the best.

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Steven Spielberg Talks Hope For Fifth Indiana Jones.

resizedimage510Steven Spielberg hints at fifth Indiana Jones. This would be great, The Indiana Jones actor and the hit movie is something I really enjoy, I can’t wait, if it happens. Spielberg, who is known as one of the founding pioneers of the New Hollywood era says this is no,

announcement is just my fervent hope”

Director Steven Spielberg has a “fervent hope” that Indiana Jones 5 will happen and said he looks forward to working with Harrison Ford again in the future.

Spielberg, who directed all four Indiana Jones movies between 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark and 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, revealed he has strong hopes to work with Ford soon.

Speaking during a recorded VT honouring Harrison Ford at the Britannia Awards on Friday night, 68-year-old Spielberg said: “I can’t wait to work with you again on Indiana Jones 5. This is no announcement, just my fervent hope.”

Seventy-three-year-old Ford has said,

“I thank JJ and the others for the kind words they said about me. I am indebted to these people for the opportunities they have given me and the wisdom they have in storytelling and humanity, and what I have been allowed to do.

“I really wanted to be an actor because I could not imagine myself having a real job and I thought it would be nice to live the lives of many other people, to tell stories, to share emotion and film has given power, grace, imagination and wisdom to things I have had that opportunity to do. I am very grateful for the life I have had… I’m humbled.”

Look for Ford next he will be seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, opening in Ireland on Thursday, December 17.

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Tina Fey Sad Farewell To Beloved Father, He Died Of Heart Failure

resizedimageTina Fey‘s dad has passed away. The comedian’s father, Donald H. Fey was eighty-two years old.  He was a Korean War veteran, a former Philadelphia firefighter, and retired fund-raising writer for more than thirty years and during that time he helped along with raising  more than $500 million for schools, hospitals, and public-service agencies. Sadly on October 18, 2015, Sunday he died because of heart failure at the Bryn Mawr Hospital. The Philadelphia native will sadly be missed by his daughter,

“He was a great dad and a talented artist and writer, but I also think of him as a Great American – he served his country in Korea, he served his city as a fireman, he took his kids regularly to art museums and historical sites,” daughter Tina recalled.

“When he taught me how to play baseball he would say to me, ‘If you throw like a girl again, we’re going in.’ (I took it in the spirit it was intended.) He read poetry and history and newspapers. He was an informed patriot. The Republican Party should have tried to clone him.”

Mr. Fey’s son, Peter, said,

“He was a great painter, and we read two of his poems at the funeral service.

“He was very dapper, loved learning, and showed us how to expand our horizons and how to live a life properly.”

He leaves behind his former wife, Jeanne Xenakes, son, and daughter, he is survived by a sister, two brothers, and three grandchildren.

On Friday, there will be a private service for Fey.

A scholarship has been established in Mr. Fey’s name to support returning veterans enrolled at Temple University’s School of Media & Communication, Department of Journalism.

Thoughts are with his family at this time.

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Justin Trudeau ‘Is Ready’ After Winning Majority Government

resizedimageJustin Trudeau won the October 19, 2015, election, I for one gave him my vote believing he could make a real change, it was a good feeling watching the election from beginning to end knowing he was in the lead.  The Canadian Politician, who is the Prime Minister-designate of Canada will now lead the Liberal Party with a majority government beating Steven Harper, a Canadian politician who was the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada and the Leader of the Conservative Party in 2006 with a minority government, he will now step down as party leader.

Harper, 56, called it “an incredible honour” to serve as prime minister of the country.

Now, thirty-five-year-old Trudeau, who is the eldest son of the former Prime Minister of Canada, his much loved and respected father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau from (1968–79; 1980–84), will face the weight of many expectations, and as hearing for the last weeks ‘he’s just not ready’ well he won a majority vote, this says he is ready’

Trudeau, said, “My career as a politician began in a parking lot. A grocery store parking lot, to be precise, directly across the street from a shawarma restaurant and a barbershop.”

Canadians, he said, had sent a clear message that it’s “time for change in this country my friends. Real change.

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lle Macpherson Talks Scare Which Made Her Pay More Attention To Her Health

resizedimageElle Macpherson talks cancer scare. She is an Australian model, known for her nickname “The Body”, well she has decided to talk about her frightening experience with Cancer when the fifty-one-year-old had found a lump in her breast. The beauty expresses when on her forty-ninth birthday is when she was scared and she said that was ”big warning” telling her she had to put more attention to her health.

Elle revealed to the Mail on Sunday newspaper:

”I thought I had cancer.

”I was away shooting ‘Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model’, so I couldn’t see my doctor and I was really panicking.

”It was four weeks before I got the biopsy results, so it was a long, drawn-out and stressful period of not knowing.

”I was lucky – it was a fibroadenoma [a benign growth], but it was a really big warning. I did some soul searching and realised that maybe I was taking the wrong vitamins and minerals, not eating properly and was too stressed.”

Now that her scare has come and gone she and her husband Jeffrey Soffer, two whom she has been wed for two years too, and co-parents her sons Flynn and Aurelius as well as his children from a previous relationship is living life to the fullest.

The model said:

”We are both hands-on parents although we parent very differently at times. We are deeply committed to our own and each other’s children and their education. We have a great understanding – the children come first, and this brings us closer together. Step-parenting is wonderful, it’s a true honour and requires a very open heart.”

More on the supermodel, she is was also seen on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

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Johnny Depp Facing Worries Over Daughter’s New Rising Career

resizedimageJohnny Depp has worries over his daughter. He is a former teen idol and he says that his sixteen-year-old daughter, Lily Rose makes him very worried over her foray into fashion and films because of her young age. She is the daughter of Depp and his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and he says he now takes caution towards his teenage daughter’s new venture in celebrity lifestyle following her new found success landing a modelling campaign for Chanel eyewear and two film roles.

He told Germany’s Gala magazine:

“To be honest, I’m quite worried. I wasn’t expecting all this to happen to Lily-Rose, especially not at this age. But it’s her passion and she’s having fun.”

The fifty-two-year-old, who also has a thirteen-year-old son called Jack with his ex-says he is fully supportive of his daughter’s decision,

however, and is well equipped to guide her through her blossoming career.

He added:

“She knows I’m always there for her.”

More on Depp, he is married to twenty-nine-year-old Amber Heard and to make her happy he sold his yacht.

The Hollywood actor reportedly parted ways with his beloved 156-foot liner, the Vajoliroja, which he bought in 2007 and named after ex-girlfriend Vanessa, due to the ‘Magic Mike XXL’ star being “jealous” and refusing to get on the boat.

A source told

“Johnny loved that yacht. But he bought it for Vanessa. And Amber is still jealous of her.”


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Steve Coogan Dabble In Cocaine Feared His End

stevecoogan_400x400Steve Coogan had feared death. He is a stand-up comedian and impressionist di following his bout with cocaine. He has finally had come out and explained his dabbling with the illegal substance admitting her went through extreme panic attacks and he thought death was imminent.

In an extract from his new autobiography ‘Easily Distracted’ – which is being serialised in The Guardian newspaper – he wrote: ”I could feel pins and needles in my left arm, and my heart was thundering. I thought I was having a heart attack.

”Patrick put me in a car and drove through red lights to get me to hospital. I cried all the way. I couldn’t stop thinking, ‘I’m going to die. This is it. My headstone will say: Stephen Coogan, born in Middleton in 1965, died in Edinburgh in 1992, aged 26 years.’ What a waste!”

The forty-nine-year-old also said,

the drug helped him feel more confident and he didn’t even need to buy it initially because it was constantly being passed around in his social circles.

He explained:

”It was always around, always on offer. I didn’t start to buy it until years later.

”In those early days it was all recreational and relatively controlled. I’d have a line or two and stop. I liked it because it gave me confidence. I always thought, ‘I’m not really one of those people who does cocaine, so I’ll be OK.’ ”

Despite overcoming his addiction, the comedian adds:

”I don’t take drugs or drink any more, but I am in no denial about my past: I will always be a recovering addict.”

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‘Criminal Minds’ Star Nicholas Brendon Arrested Numerous Times Over Past Year

R9YJQv9MNicholas Brendon has been arrested, for the Criminal Minds star this has been his fourth time. The Los Angeles native allegedly had been because of a domestic dispute with his girlfriend at a hotel in Saratoga Springs, New York on Wednesday once again this year. Really what is going on with him four times in a year? What the story is the star, who played Kevin Lynch on the popular police procedural television series had been attempting force against his girlfriend, to stay with him after getting property from her at the hotel, authorities told Us Weekly.

“Last night after 11 p.m., we responded to a call to a local hotel on the south end of town,” said Saratoga Springs Investigations Lt. Robert Jillson. “We got there (and) found a 33-year-old female in the room by herself. “She had come down to give (Brendon) some of his personal property he was looking for. When she gets there she was going to leave, (but) he didn’t want her to leave, so he forcibly took her car keys from her,” said Jillson.

The forty-four-year-old actor had been found, a few blocks away from the hotel and was arrested on a felony robbery charge along with two counts of criminal mischief and one count of obstruction of breathing, both misdemeanors, said People magazine. Brendon entered rehab in June for substance abuse, depression, and alcoholism after he was arrested on three other occasions this year.

On Aug. 26, Brendon walked off the “Dr. Phil” show when the host attempted to get the actor to address his addiction. Brendon went to Special: New Probiotic Fat Burner Takes GNC by Storm “I’m the first to admit I’ve messed up, a lot, and I’ve hurt people I care about and who care about me,” said Brendon. “When I was in that seat, I felt that Dr. Phil went for the jugular, talking about some of my recent mistakes, with no build up.

“I felt that he wanted me to lay the darkest parts of myself on national TV right from the start, and I’m not willing to do that. Buffy never chased ratings, and neither should I,” said Brendon. After the incident, a representative for Dr. Phil McGraw told People, “…Dr. Phil has nothing but the highest respect for Nicholas and wishes him the best in his quest for physical/mental health and sobriety, and stands ready to assist him in any way possible.”

More on Brendon, he also played Xander Harris in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and has been writing on the Buffy Season 10 comic book. What are your thoughts on his trouble that he has been getting into.

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Samia Ghadie Shares Joyous Baby News

S_cslFcgSamia Ghadie shares the happy news. The English Soap Opera, Coronation Street actress has given birth to a bouncing baby boy. The Eccles, Greater Manchester, the child of a shop owner and an English actress has let the happy news that she and her fiance Sylvain Longchambon came up with a name for their child, and it is Yves Joseph. This is the couple’s first child born on Thursday, September 29, 2015, after undergoing a caesarean section.

She wrote on Twitter:

”@slongchambon and I are so happy and in love beyond words with our beautiful boy… (sic).”

The thirty-three-year-old and her ex-Matthew Smith has a five-year-old daughter called Freya together.

The couple told OK!

that they chose the first name as a tribute to Sylvain’s brother and the middle name to Samia’s late father.

A baby was born at eight pounds nine ounces, the couple met during their time on Dancing on Ice.

And Samia recently admitted she’s going to miss being pregnant despite the fact she’s been suffering with back pain.

She explained:

”My hair has been in great condition and my nails have been so strong due to all the pregnancy hormones flying around. Even my skin seems to have been better!

”I think that’s due to the fact that you have double the amount of blood in your body when you’re pregnant which supposedly

gives you that famous ‘pregnancy glow’ people talk about!”

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Ashley Roberts, Former Pussycat Doll Talks Cervical Cancer Scare

resizedimageAshley Roberts, a former Pussycat Doll has let out the news about her cervical cancer scare. Roberts spoke out saying what she got removed was, pre-cancerous cells, as she went through numerous operations to get cervix cleared up, calling the experience ‘scary’.

Speaking to Star magazine, she said:

‘I’ve had pre-cancerous cells removed from my cervix and it’s scary.’

‘Fortunately doctors caught it early. I’ve had to have a few procedures, which is not comfortable or fun, but thank God I’m healthy now.’

‘I wake up every morning in gratitude for that. Health is wealth.’

And she added a warning, saying:

‘It can happen to any woman, no matter what race, sexuality or age you are.’

Ashley also revealed she needed three operations – ‘in 2008, 2009 and 2012′ before she got the all-clear, saying: ‘Thankfully I’ve been clear ever since. I make sure I have regular smear tests.’

She added:

‘I try my best to have a positive outlook because mental awareness is an important way to lead your life.’

More on Roberts, she is and Cancer Research UK are collaborating together hopefully to raise some awareness about the risks of cervical cancer,

revealed she had supportive family and friend that had helped her through the tough experience, saying: ‘I’m thankful I have friends and family to help deal with it,’ she said.

Also, it had been former Pussycat Dolls bandmate, Kimberly Wyat, who originally took her to the hospital.

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Kate Bosworth Talks Lack Of Cooking Skills

resizedimageKate Bosworth says her cooking is not that good. She may be a terrible cook, however, her performance in Blue Crush was really good.  She has also done some modelling and  jewellery designing but as a cook she doesn’t understand why she is so bad when she follows the exact recipe. What the actress says is that, he isn’t great in the kitchen, something which she finds ”incredibly maddening” as she follows recipes to the tee. She shared:

”I love to cook, but I’m a terrible baker. It’s incredibly maddening because I can follow a recipe and it turns out disastrous, where my husband never uses a recipe, and it’s always brilliant and delicious.”

Also, the wife of Michael Polish says things she tries to do is avoid household chores and enjoys sleeping in late.

When asked what her last moment of bliss was, she told PEOPLE magazine:

”Probably this morning when I was able to sleep as late as I wanted for the first time in several weeks. ”I just fell into bed thinking it’s blissful to know that I can sleep all day if I want to.” Now on the other hand she really wants to learn the art of cooking as she is, feeling a need to ”nurture” her stepdaughter Jasper. She said: ”After ordering pizza for the third time when she first started coming over, I knew I had to learn how to cook because I wanted to nurture her. These maternal instincts kicked in.”

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