Hulk Hogan Makes Statement Promising To ‘Improve As A Person’

resizedimageHulk Hogan has vowed during an apology to ‘improve as a person’. Hogan has been through the years a popular professional wrestler as he was once described as the.

“the most recognized wrestling star worldwide and the most popular wrestler of the ’80s”.

The story is, eight years ago he was having a private conversation with some offensive language and he has apologized which led up to his leaving the WWE.

What the superstar has promised is to,

“improve as a person” and has apologised for using “offensive language” in a private conversation in which he used racial slurs.

The legendary wrestler left his role with WWE today (24.07.15) amidst reports by and National Enquirer that accused him of using the ‘N-word’ as he made derogatory comments about his daughter Brooke Hogan’s apparent love interests in a sex tape filmed without his consent several years ago.

Now Hogan has issued a statement in which he apologises for his words and insists the comments are “inconsistent with his own beliefs”.

In a statement released exclusively to, he said:

“Eight years ago I used offensive language during a conversation. It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it; and I apologise for having done it.

“This is not who I am. I believe very strongly that every person in the world is important and should not be treated differently based on race, gender, orientation, religious beliefs or otherwise. I am disappointed with myself that I used language that is offensive and inconsistent with my own beliefs.”

He added to the publication he will use the situation to “improve as a person” and considers what has happened to be an “important learning experience.”

Today, WWE removed all mentions of Hulk Hogan from its website, pulled him from series ‘Tough Enough’ and stopped selling his merchandise and issued a statement claiming they had “terminated” his contract.

The statement read:

“WWE terminated its contract with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan). WWE is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide.”

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Bethenny Frankel Has Called ‘New And Improved Selfish Single’ Ramona’ Ramona Singer

resizedimageBethenny Frankel has called out Ramona Singer, saying she is selfish. Frankel is a popular reality television personality and the founder of  Skinnygirl Cocktails and what is going on is that Frankel seems to be angry with Real Housewives Of New York City star Singer following a real bad breakup with Mario singer, as she is,

trying her best to just relax and have a good time, but Frankel is evidently not okay with all of the Turtle Time, as she recently claimed that her fellow RHONY has been super selfish as of late.

Ramona Singer is happily single at the moment,

and, given the nature of her relationship with Mario, it’s easy to see why she has gone out of her way to make the most of her single status. The reality star’s Facebook fans applaud her efforts, but Bethenny Frankel clearly does not approve of her frenemy’s behavior. In fact, Bethenny recently claimed that her fellow RHONY star had somehow managed to become “that girl we all knew and hated in college.” Ouch!

In her latest blog post for Bravo, Bethenny complained about having to deal with the “new and improved selfish, single Ramona.” This new version of Ramona goes after the richest guys she can, although she is typically not all that successful with these encounters. Bethenny claimed, “[Ramona] can start something but a closer she is not.”

Bethenny may complain about Ramona from time to time, but at the end of the day, the two hold a grudging respect for one another. Ramona recently shared a cute picture of the frenemies on Twitter, explaining that they’d laughed and cried during the RHONY reunion, but ultimately, they’d made it through unscathed.

 A little more on Frankel, she is also a talk show host, author and entrepreneur. She has appeared on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, and the reality television series Bethenny Ever After.

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Ferne McCann Is Heading Over To Love Island


resizedimageFerne McCann is heading into Love Island. It was over Twitter when she revealed the news that she is off to Majorca, Spain  as she shared,

The ‘Only Way Is Essex’ actress, who is now single because earlier this year she and her long time boyfriend Charlie Sims ended their relationship shared,

 ”Flying to the Island of Love bring on @LoveIsland bumped into this lil spice @jess_impiazzi (sic)”.

She would also have the chance to join up with  ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here’, and wouldn’t walk early like her ‘TOWIE’ co-star and friend Gemma Collins did in the last series.

 Speaking to the Radio Times online, she said:

”I would love to do the jungle. That would be right up my street. I see myself as a bit of a ‘Jungle Jane’.

 ”It’s not a competition, but I’d definitely see it as a challenge going into the jungle and such an amazing experience that you’d never get to experience again. I wouldn’t leave. She was not in the right place – and I’m not getting into it – but no, I wouldn’t walk that’s for sure.”

Also tonight, July 9, 2015, look for former contestant Paul Danan returning back to ‘Celebrity Love Island‘.

 When he starred in the show in 2006, the former ‘Hollyoaks’ actor was set up with model Sophie Anderton, fought with fellow ‘Hollyoaks’ actor Lee Ottoway and was escorted off set by security for getting too drunk.

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Coronation Street Ryan Thomas Enjoying Fifth Holiday Despite Debts Not Cleared

RTS Programme Awards - LondonRyan Thomas, bankrupt enjoys summer breaks. You may know him as Jason Grimshaw on the long-running soap Coronation Street has financial difficulties but still he has some splurged on five summer holidays this summer already. The thirty-one-year-old went through some bad investments and still hasn’t cleared them up

 but that hasn’t stopped him from splashing the cash over the last few months on holidays and a £75,000 Mercedes SL.

However, a source told The Sun newspaper:

”He is working hard away from the screen to bring in some extra money. But I don’t suppose pictures of him swanning off on two foreign holidays in a short space of time will go down too well at the tax office.

 ”He had a few investments that let him down. In fact, Ryan was a victim of trying to make his money work by investing it.”

 A source also insisted that some of Ryan’s overseas trips were related to work and he’s committed to paying the money he owes.

 The actor has been doing £2,000-a-night personal appearances in clubs to earn extra cash to reduce his debts, while he is also supporting his daughter Scarlett, who he fathered with fellow ‘Coronation Street’ star Tina O’Brien.

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Brody Jenner’s Reaction Over Kourtney And scott Unfortunate Break Up

resizedimageBrody Jenner talks Kourtney and Scott split. Jenner is the child of Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner and actress Linda Thompson and what he says is that he predicted there would be trouble for his stepsister Kardashian and her long-term boyfriend Scott. The Los Angeles, California, who appeared in the reality television series, The Princes of Malibu,

 when he saw compromising pictures of the reality star and his former girlfriend.

The  thirty-one-year-old has been said to tell his girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter, that there would be trouble between his stepsister and her partner of nine years when pictures emerged of Scott growing close to former girlfriend Chloe Bartoli recently.

He said:

”When I saw those pictures I said, ‘Uh-oh.’

 ”I even showed my girlfriend and said, ‘This isn’t good.’ But it’s unfortunate.”

 Though the ‘Sex With Brody’ star wasn’t sure if there had been any signs the couple – who have children Mason, five, Penelope, two, and Reign, six months, together – were on the rocks, he is aware that Scott, whose wild partying and heavy drinking is believed to have contributed to the split, had ”some issues”.

 He added in an interview with ‘Today’:

”Scott and Kourtney both are great.

 ”Obviously Scott has gone through some issues in the past [but] he has worked through them.”

 Meanwhile, Brody also spoke of his father’s recent gender transition and is ”getting to know” Caitlyn Jenner in a ”better way” than when she was Bruce.

 He said:

”Well, growing up, I didn’t really have the greatest relationship with Bruce.

 ”I didn’t see him that often. And Caitlyn is just a much freer person. It’s incredible to see the difference between Caitlyn and Bruce.

 ”Bruce and I kind of didn’t really get along. And Caitlyn? It’s literally like trying to get to know somebody — like your dad — over again. But in a better way.”

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Joe Manganiello Treated Sofia Vergara With A Striptease

resizedimageJoe Manganiello stripped for Sofia Vergara. The former Spider-Man actor gave her a treat with a striptease at the time he was rehearsing for ‘Magic Mike XXL’. Manganiello, who was voted “Favorite Pop-Culture Werewolf of All Time,” said that he practiced a scene from the movie.

in which his character tries to get a convenience store clerk to smile with a routine that sees him open a packet of Cheetos with his bicep and grind against a drinks fridge – at home in front of his fiancee.

Asked during a Q+A session if he had practiced in front of a mirror, he said:

”No, not the mirror … I practised for my fiancee.”

And he later elaborated for Australia’s Daily Telegraph newspaper:

 ”You go into the pantry and find whatever snacks are in there, go into the refrigerator and grab the first beverage that catches your eye and go from there.”

Joe recently admitted he felt ”self-conscious” when filming the scene because the actress playing the cashier was so straight-faced.

He said:

The girl in the mini-mart is brilliant, and she would not crack, no matter what I did! It really did start making me self-conscious, that she would just not crack a smile. But she’s an actress from Atlanta, I think, and they brought her up for the day. Our location talent had a great eye and did a great job of finding these girls who felt real and true.

Manganiello is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and while growing up he was the captain of his football, basketball, and volleyball teams.

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Carol Decker Talks Handling Rise To Stardom

resizedimageCarol Decker says she struggled to count the zeros on my first royalty cheque, and she is still paying down her mortgage at the age of fifty-eight. The English musician, best known for as the singer and front woman for the band, T’Pau became a huge success in the eighties and she explains the ways she handled becoming famous. One there hit singles was called Heart and Soul which had been a feature in Pepe Jeans commercial. Decker, is fifty-seven years old and she is married to hr husband Richard and together they have children, Scarlett and Dylan in Henley-on-Thames.When she was just fifteen,

 I was a Saturday girl in John Menzies. I remember being really intimidated. I’m not good at numbers and back then, the tills didn’t add up so we had to work out customers’ change. I was so afraid of a queue of people huffing, puffing and shuffling from one foot to another while I got my sums wrong, I wanted to burst into tears. Later I worked in an awful boutique, Fashion Flare, selling cheap clothes where the strip lights flickered and gave me headaches. I earned £57.50 a week and stuck at it for six months until I cried at the thought of going in. My then partner, Ron Rogers [co-founder of T’Pau], had a great job as a BT engineer. If he did half a day’s overtime on Saturday, he earned £60. That equalled my whole week’s wages in four hours! Thinking back, that job showed me the hideous abyss of a dull life where failure wasn’t an option.

How did your childhood influence your attitude towards money?

I’m a Liverpudlian and we moved to Shropshire when I was seven. My mum was a homemaker and my dad was a supermarket man. In Liverpool, we lived in a horrible council flat in Huyton and it was all a bit grubby. My dad was generous. We were a Freddie Laker family going on package holidays to Benidorm and Malta and I absolutely loved it. Dad enjoyed the money but he didn’t rack up loans and I’m still like that now. Before I got my career off the ground with T’Pau, for years, I was a skint student/muso/on-the-dole and used to really stretching my budget. I still think someone’s going to take my money away.

Your first single, Heart and Soul, was a huge hit in America. What was overnight fame like? My dream came true. By the time I got my record deal, I was 28 so it was a long time coming. Suddenly, I had paps camped outside my house trying to get a photo of me popping to the corner shop in my rollers, looking like Fag Ash Lil.

Read More

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‘Towie’ Gemma Collins Hits Back Over Co Stars Bullying Accusations

yVHpjj9rGemma Collins hits back because bullying accusations. Collins is a reality television personality and a writer, and she will not take her co-star Vas Morgan’s threats with a pinch of salt. Their battle tougher doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Just last night fans witnessed the pair, go head to head last night on TOWIE along with Bobby Norris and Lauren Pope after tensions reached a breaking point.

And the argument carried on this morning with Gemma posting a text from Vas on Twitter saying:

Her pal, Chloe Sims also lept to her defence Tweeting:

The row started after Lauren performed an unflattering impression of the 34-year-old last week.

The larger-than-life fashion designer hit back: ‘I’m pleased Lauren’s’ done an impression of me, cos it proved you have got a personality and you’re not just a tombstone!’

She added:

‘Where has this come from? Lauren’s not spoke in Essex in years, all of a sudden she’s using her voice box.’

Things turned nasty with Gemma, Bobby and Chloe doing their own impression of the DJ by excessive blinking and doing frozen facial expressions.

Celebrity blogger, Vas stood up for his pal Lauren blasting Gemma saying:

‘You’re just a nasty person. You haven’t got a personality, you’re just nasty. People laugh at you, not with you. She’s come over here with a big smiley face, but she’s going around b****ing. I’m not having you do it to Lauren too.’

Lauren added:

‘I’d rather have my personality than yours every day of the week’…. then told Gemma to f**k off.’

Gemma then turned on BFF Bobby throwing a drink over him after Vas said they only hung around together because he was terrified by her.

Gemma posted a snap of Leonardo DiCaprio from Great Gatsby saying: ‘Cheers to all my haters! Be patient. So much more is coming.’

She added:

‘Thanks for all your support everyone we are making a show but that was real last night the nastiness and I only had to walk over as part of the show I never wanted to ever do scenes with them two because I am not friends with nasty bitter people however I have to do my job professionally’

More on Collins, she may be best known for being a cast member on the semi-reality programme The Only Way Is Essex. She also had a very public weight battle in 2011.

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Simon Cowell Mom’s Death Leaves Him Devastated

Simon Cowell Thanked Paula Abdul, Steve Jones & Nicole Scherzinger After They Were FiredSimon Cowell has been left devastated over his mom’s death. Cowell is a popular English television talent judge and mentor, music and television producer, and music talent scout and his beloved mom Julie passed away at the age of eighty-nine. The judge of X Factor along with his family are now in mourning and they said,

they were “heartbroken” by their loss and would “miss her terribly”.

A spokesperson confirmed that Julie has passed away on Sunday.

“Today our beloved mum Julie passed away. Anyone who had met her would know what a truly special and kind lady she was. We are heartbroken and will miss her terribly, but she is now at peace.

“We would like to thank the media for kindly respecting Julie’s privacy throughout and we politely request continued privacy for the entire family at this particularly difficult time.”

His mom was a former dancer and her four boys, Nicholas, Simon, Tony and Michael and step-mother to John and June Cowell.

Cowell’s brother, journalist Tony, took to Twitter to remember his mother.

“Very sad night tonight. We will all miss mum so very much,” he wrote. “She was the heart and soul of our family x.”

A friend of 55-year-old Simon’s told the Sun that he is,

“absolutely devastated” by Julie’s death. “His mum was the most beloved person in his life and they were incredibly close.

“But at least she got to see him settle down and start a family which was one of the great wishes of her life. Julie had been unwell for some time and she was in a home. But Simon and his brothers were in constant contact with her and the family remained very close.

“They had been paying regular visits to her bedside and it’s been a Godsend that Simon hadn’t had to do too much work in the US over the last year. He’s completely heartbroken.”

Also, X Factor auditions will now be canceled because of Cowell’s devastating news.

 Syco Entertainment has confirmed.

“They were due to start tomorrow and carry on into Tuesday and Wednesday,” he said. “Tomorrow’s have been cancelled and we have not made any decisions beyond that.”

Reportedly Cowell and his mother were quite close,

who was a source of great strength for the star, particularly after the death of his father Eric – the namesake of Simon’s son – who passed away in 1999 aged 81. The music mogul has previously opened up about the loss of his dad, who died at home from a heart attack. “I can’t lie, it was the worst day of my life,” he told Piers Morgan. “It was a horrible, horrible time.”

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Former Days Of Our Lives Actress Diana Douglas Has Died.

resizedimageDiana Douglas has died. She was known for her marriage to actor Kirk Douglas and for her role in the Soap Opera Days of our Lives as Martha Evans, the mother of Marlena and Samantha Evans and at the time of her death she was ninety-two years old, she passed away from Cancer on Saturday.

Douglas died of cancer at a motion picture industry retirement home in the Woodland Hills neighbourhood, according to an obituary from Michael Douglas’s production company, Furthur Films. It cited Diana Douglas’s husband of fifteen years, Donald A. Webster of Washington, DC.

Douglas was from Bermuda, her father was the attorney general, and she also appeared in “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” and the TV shows “ER” and “The West Wing.” she also modeled Spring fashions and she and Kirk Douglas had two sons, Michael, and Joel.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Says She Approves Of Strip-Clubs

ys6W9qFoJada Pinkett Smith says she approves of strip-clubs, although Will Smith’s spouse has never been to one. The former A Different World actress reveals she has no problems with the Adult Entertainment. According to the forty-three-year-old

  ”I’ve never been to a male strip club. Adult entertainment, when you think about it, is kind of a dirty word.

“There’s no reason adult entertainment can’t be celebratory… it’s about exploration. [The movie] rejuvenated my energy and spirit.”

She now stars in the Magic Mike XXL along with Channing Tatum and he credits him for,

 giving her a new perspective on the idea.

She said:

“I got to this convention with hundreds of women and there was a solidarity between us that I had never felt before. We had some fine-ass men to entertain us and make us feel good about ourselves.”

Jada also thinks her children, sixteen-year-old Jaden, and fourteen-year-old Willow won’t be watching the movie.

She told Us Weekly magazine:

“I don’t think so. This is where you go, ‘Mommy’s going to do this red carpet. I think you guys should stay at home.’ “

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Hilary Duff Sometimes Torturous’ Being Known As Lizzie McGuire’ Chirpy Blonde

resizedimageHillary Duff says it is ‘Torturous’ being known as Lizzie McGuire’. Well, I enjoyed watching the former Teen idol in the television series but she has admitted that she used to feel as if it was “torturous” to be known as her onscreen character. The twenty-seven-year-old first found fame at a young age with the Disney Channel including Cadet Kelly at times struggles with being known as,

the chirpy blonde character.

She told PrideSource:

“As torturous as it has been at some points in my life to be Lizzie McGuire, I think that when that show came out, it was such a part of who I was, I didn’t feel like I was playing a part.

“The writers all knew me so well and were writing things that were happening in my life and things that I would say, and I was dressing exactly like I wanted. It was so me.”

She added:

“I don’t think during the filming it was torturous. I loved it during the filming. I just didn’t know what a success the show was gonna be, and after that – four years, five years after that – and I was still Lizzie McGuire to people and that was super annoying.”

Duff, who and her soon-to-be ex-husband Mike Comrie, who together share a three-year-old child together called Luca also admitted she now feels,

“grateful for it [the recognition]“.

She also reveals she and her ex,

 keep a friendship going for Luca’s sake.

She said:

“We care very much for each other. We’re really good friends. We’re always going to be a family. There was no other option… I look back with love …

“You have to be a big person. We have fun together and hang out all the time.”

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Guardians of the Galaxy, Gets Official Fitting Title

resizedimage32-300x300Guardians of the Galaxy sequel gets itself an official title. One of my favorite movies, I have watched it many times with Star-Lord, Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), the story is all about Quill who,

 forms an uneasy alliance with a group of extraterrestrial misfits who are fleeing after stealing a powerful artifact. In 1988, following his mother’s death, a young Peter Quill is abducted from Earth by the Ravagers, a group of space pirates led by Yondu Udonta. Twenty-six years later on the planet Morag, Quill steals an orb, after which Korath, a subordinate to the fanatical Kree, Ronan, intercepts him. Although Quill escapes with the orb, Yondu discovers his theft and issues a bounty for his capture while Ronan sends the assassin Gamora after the orb.

Well it has been confirmed, the hit movie which was directed by James Gunn tweeted on Monday that it will be called Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,

although it was previously rumored to be named Guardians 3000.  So far, although there is no official word on what the plot will be about, Gunn says it will be “a more emotional movie.”

Pratt has said that the script for the new sequel,

has made him cry, as it will focus on fathers, according to Gunn.

“I think it’s both a bigger and a smaller movie cause we focus more intensely on some of the characters,” the director revealed.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is start shooting some time in February and released date is expected in theaters on May 5, 2017.

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Jennifer Aniston Insists Ageing Is ‘Wonderful’

resizedimageJennifer Aniston says ageing is ‘wonderful’. The former Freinds actress says she has no worries that she is getting older, because what she thinks is that she will gain wisdom as she ages. The Horrible Bosses was asked about her thoughts about growing older and she told Marie Claire magazine: “You know I think if you take care of your skin and you eat well, I think ageing is amazing because you gain wisdom for every year lived. Ageing is wonderful!”

Also the forty six-year-old,

 gave herself a “tanning intervention” to prevent any further damage from the sun.

She said:

“I gave myself a sun-tanning intervention a few years ago, where I was basically saying, ‘Let’s just quit while we’re ahead.’

“I was not great as a kid with sunscreen. That’s one of my big regrets. Now I use Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturiser SPF 15.”

She also says that if she feels confident in her looks, then maybe other woman, her age feel like they’re “rocking it” too.

She said:

“We’re going to feel good about ourselves if we see another woman who is 50 and rocking it.

“If society is telling you to sit it out after 40, you diminish yourself. Believe what you feel. If you feel c***py about yourself, it’s going to show.”

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John McCririck Moves Back Into Big Brother House Next Twist

resizedimageJohn McCririck re-entering the Big Brother House. McCririck a Surbiton, Surrey, who is an  English television horse racing pundit will be to join a ‘Hotel From Hell’ twist. The seventy-five-year-old was in the house back in 2005 and now he will make his return as part of the,

latest ‘Time Bomb’ twist, as the Borehamwood house is set to be transformed into the ‘Hotel From Hell’, in which a number of former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemates will be popping in over the next week.

When he first appeared in the house he only lasted twelve days and what he was best remembered for,

walking around in his underwear, picking his nose, and staging a protest over not getting any Diet Coke in the house.

Alos in 2010 he made another return to the house for the ‘Ultimate Big Brother’.

 The Channel 5 show’s ‘Hotel From Hell’ twist follows the departure of legendary housemates Helen Wood and Nikki Grahame – as well as Brian Belo, who escaped over the wall – who visited the house that made them famous for two weeks. Fellow legendary housemate Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace – who was first in series 7 of the show – is still in the house.

McCririck went to Elizabeth College, Guernsey, Victoria College, Jersey, and Harrow School, where one of his fellow pupils included later fellow racing journalist Julian Wilson. He is married to Jenny McCririck, 68.

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Former ‘EastEnders’ Actress Danniella Westbrook Wanted To Take Her Own Life

resizedimageDanniella Westbrook ‘wanted to die’. She is best known for her former EastEnders role ( Samantha Mitchell), the English actress admitted that it was, in fact, true she tried to take her own life  by overdosing on cocaine and it had something to do with her rocky relationship with Tom Richards, her former fiance and cage fighter.

The former contestant of Dancing on Ice alongside her partner US Pairs Skater Matthew Gonzalez also admitted to her past struggles with cocaine and also made accusations that Richards hit her was the cause of her  relapse and attempt suicide.

She explained:

”I wasn’t strong enough to hang myself or cut myself, but I just wanted to kill myself.

 ”I couldn’t get Tom out of my life and thought the easiest way out was killing myself.

 ”That’s why I used cocaine.

 ”I was medicating myself. It has always been my drug of choice. I was using two to three grams a day, which was too much.

 ”It wasn’t as much as I was using when I was younger. But it was enough to make my body shut down.

 ”That’s what I wanted to happen. It nearly worked. I wanted to die.”

Next for the forty-one-year-old, she will be going back to Hollyoaks as (Trudy Ryan) and what she believes Richards was just using her in a bid to find fame.

Westbrook explained to the Sunday People newspaper: ”He’s obsessed with being famous and has told people he was using me to get there, to get on a reality TV show or something like that.

 ”It’s something I can’t understand about people nowadays.

She is now in a different relationship with model Jude Moore,

 is left devastated police have dropped their charges against Tom but is determined to see him punished for his alleged assaults against her.

 She added:

”I have made some bad decisions in my life, but he’s the worst decision I have ever made.

 ”I cannot believe the police have let him off without taking any action. But I won’t stop until something is done and he’s locked up, even if it’s for the sake of other women.”

More on Westbrook, she had a complete erosion of her nasal septum/columella. She got the treatment she needed and no longer uses drugs, and she has two children.

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Gemma Collins Time On Towie Over? Over Explosive Scene!

resizedimageGemma Collins suspended? Reports are claiming that the English television personality and reality star are saying she threw a glass. The thirty-four-year-old Only Way Is Essex was said to have,

 stormed out of an explosive scene with Vas J Morgan in Marbella, a show insider told The Sun: ‘Gemma then threw a massive hissy fit – and the producers bore the brunt of it. As she left she threw a glass of champagne in the direction of the bosses.

‘Gemma feels she can be a big star without the show due to her successful plus-sized clothing range. She told bosses that she was fed up that they kept putting her in confrontational situations.’

A spokesman for Lime Pictures has since added:

‘We are currently not filming with Gemma Collins.’

Well, we’re not quite sure what to say following that bombshell; the show will certainly be a lot less exciting without the GC living it up on our screens.

Also reported there have been others that heave been suspended from the show,

Mario Falcone was suspended for a second time after promoting dangerous slimming pills on his personal social media.

Former cast members Jasmin Walia and Ricky Rayment also faced the chop following the last series and recently announced they’d parted ways with The Only Way Is Essex too.

More on Collins, she also took part in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and went to the Sylvia Young Theatre School as a child and she participated in the theatre productions including The Sound of Music.

What are your thoughts on Collins!

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Frank Sinatra Junior Lived Seventy One years In The Land of Almost

 resizedimageFrank Sinatra Junior revealed he spent his entire life being compared to his famous dad, Frank Sinatra, and to be the child of a big star never comes easy. During his career, he was a singer, songwriter and a conductor, his mother is Nancy Barbato Sinatra and the brother of singer and actress Nancy Sinatra, and the older brother of television producer Tina Sinatra. The Jersey City native got to see his father rarely because of his hectic career in performing or working on films.

Also, he recalls when he was younger he wanted to be a piano player and songwriter and his father wanted to give him the name of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was the President at the time he came into this world. But for seventy-one years he lived his life in the Land of Almost, as he had the same name as his dad, he was almost exactly like him except jollier and he has brown eyes not blue.

He can sing almost as well as his father but is not quite in the same league as the man whom many regard as the greatest entertainer of his or indeed any generation. On the phone from California, his voice is almost the same warm bass as his father’s but without the “Noo Joysy” twang that Sinatra senior never lost.

So deciding to follow his father and make a career as a singer seems almost like self-sabotage. Why make such a rod for his own back? Wouldn’t he have suffered less from the inevitable barbs and unfavourable comparisons if he had become an architect?

A rueful chuckle comes down the phone line. “I can’t answer that,” he says. His first ambition was to be a pianist and composer and he was good at both. Singing was a case of needs must.

“It was the only way I could get a job,” he says. “I was hired as a novelty by the Tommy Dorsey band and it was total exploitation but it gave me a job.”

It has kept him in work ever since, as the novelty singer with the big band which first employed his father then as his father’s musical director and for the past 20 years as the ultimate tribute act, Sinatra sings Sinatra, in which he performs his father’s repertoire.

But what about his name, maybe because of it people would assume he didn’t need any help?

“No, I never thought of that,” he replies, sounding genuinely surprised. Frank is Sinatra’s only son, the middle of three children from his first marriage to his teenage sweetheart, Nancy Barbato.

When he was just seven  his father left his first wife for Ava Garner.

Sinatra lived eighty-eight years and it seems as if  son lived in the shadows of his life, he died in 1998, his son was invited to speak in a TV tribute.

“They gave me two minutes so I looked into the camera and said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, those of you who came to see him these last years – it was you who kept him alive.’”

More on Sinatra Jr had problems with health, he battled prostate cancer, he has a twenty-eight-year-old son called Michael who teaches English in Japan.

“I assure you, we have no trouble communicating,”

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John Stamos Charged With Misdemeanor DUI. Hospitalized

11008076_1552206771719267_1813155512_nJohn Stamos has been arrested and hospitalized in Beverly Hills. Blackie Parrish was his first big role when he starred in the Soap Opera General Hospital and as Jessie on Full House and on Friday night he had been caught driving under the influence and arrested, the fifty one year old required ‘immediate medical attention, this has ben confirmed by Variety with the Beverly Hills Police Dept.

Following numerous calls to the police department around 7:45 p.m., complaining about an erratic driver in the area of Canon Dr. and S. Santa Monica Blvd., the “Full House” alum was pulled over on Beverly Dr., and identified as Stamos, by his own statement and ID. Stamos was in the vehicle by himself.

Due to a possible medical condition, he was transported to a nearby hospital where subsequent investigation confirmed he was under the influence, police say. There, he was placed under arrest for DUI, issued a citation and released to the care of the hospital.

He is scheduled to appear in court to answer to the charge on Sept. 11, weeks before his new family sitcom “Grandfathered” will premiere on Fox (though no specific date has been set for the fall debut).

Watch for Stamos next when he will appear in Netflix’s upcoming “Fuller House” sequel in 2016.

More on Stamos at times he played drums with The Beach Boys. He also was married to model Rebecca Romijn of MTV’s House of Style, however, they are now divorced.

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