Salma Hayek Shares Her LOVES with Latina

Salma Hayek

45-year old, Salma Hayek covers the November 2011 issue of Latina magazine. In the issue, the Mexican superstar reveals her loves that have shaped her life and poses in a stunning Alexander McQueen dress.

Here’s a teaser of the inside interview from Latina:

On waiting patiently to become a mother & wife: “To be your own woman, you have to question who you really are and what it is you really want – and you have to have a level of acceptance of what you can do. The things I expected of myself when I was 20 did not happen, or did not happen the way I imagined they would, and it’s okay.  Let’s just take this one day at a time and do the best that I can and be grateful for the things I do have.”

On her husband François-Henri Pinault:
 “I found a man better than any man I could ever in my life imagine existed. He found me, actually.  I wasn’t even looking.”

On having divine skin: 
“When I was 16, I looked 19.  When I was 19, I looked 25.  But I got stuck on 25 – thank God! – until I was 35. So that was good.  But it’s also important to take care of your skin because if you’re not careful, one day you’ll wake up and a spider will have taken over your face and you’ll be full of lines.”

On cosmetic surgery:
 “I have no Botox.  The thought of a needle coming to my forehead, it really gives me the heebie-jeebies.  So I’d rather put on my creams.  It’s fun, it smells good, and it’s relaxing.  Am I opposed to doing it later?  I don’t know.  I want to see how far I can go.”

On launching her new beauty line: 
“At the time I wanted to do the beauty line I didn’t know how, but I never stopped trying to learn. It’s not that I said, ‘I’ve gotta do this no matter what.’ It was like, ‘I know how to act.  I don’t know how to do this other thing, but I think I could.’  So I studied, I paid attention, I asked a lot of questions, I investigated each product.  And then, in time, it came.”

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