American Idol 2012 – Season 11 Portland,Oregon Audition Videos

American Idol 2012 - Season 11 Portland,Oregon Audition Videos

American Idol headed to the City of Roses, Portland, Oregon in search of new talent and to find the next American Idol.  This is Idol’s first trip to Oregon. This week will be the final week of auditions. After tonight’s auditions, the show will move to St. Louis, Missouri — and then it’s off to Hollywood Week!

We have the performance video of some of the auditions for you below:

Britnee Kellogg, 27 – from Vancouver, WA -  tells the judges she has 2 beautiful boys and when she was married her husband held her back but she supported him and his Basketball and then he found another women.  So now she is doing something for her.  She is singing ‘You’re no good and she is awesome.  Jennifer loves her, Randy too and all three chime in YES!  J Lo talks to her about how you don’t have to leave your kids to follow your dream.  She is going to Hollywood.

Naomi Gillies, 22, from MA and she is a Steven Tyler song Crying. Steven liked her because she belted it out. All three judges say YES and she is going to Hollywood!

Romeo Diahn from Liberia – He talks of life as a refugee and how his family made it to America. Jennifer loves his vibe and his flavor. He has a different vibe than anyone else. They all say YES and he is going to Hollywood!

Sam Gershman, 21, and she sang – I’m a Women – Steven tells her she would make a good Easter Bunny because she is so perky. Jennifer tells her she should keep going – she has to work on things but she should be on a stage . All three judges vote NO!

Ben Harrison, 28, Eugene, OR – He goes on a lot about his baby face. He looks like a cartoon character. He sings Somebody to love by Queen. It is a NO!

Jermaine Jones, 24, from New Jersey who is 6′ 8″ and he is a church singer – he tall sang Superstar. Randy loved him, Jennifer thought he had a natural gift, Steven thought the song was really spiritual and it took him away. All the judges agree he is unique. Jennifer tells him he has to loosen up a bit. All three judges give him a YES and he is on his way to Hollywood!

Brittany Zika and she sings The Story by Brenda Carlisle. Her voice is amazing, just beautiful. All three judges vote YES and she gets a golden ticket! Off to Hollywood for her! Steven has already started flirting he told her he is too young to be so old ……

David Weed, 22, from Idaho – Works in Fast Food and he sang Tom Sawyer by RUSH. Ewwww he is bad! Randy asks him what he would like to do besides singing and he says stand up comedy and he is bad at that too. All three judges say NO!


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