Blue Bloods Episode: Reagan Vs. Reagan

Blue Bloods starts off in court with opening arguments from the prosecution and the defense on the fate of the young wife who is on trial for the murder of her husband. we then see the prosecutor talking to the defense lawyer as she accuses him of dragging her personal life through the mud for his opening statements he leaves his brief case at her feet she then chases after him and as she catches up with him to give him back his brief case she finds him dead from a stab wound to the chest.

She was questioned by police and released. Then we are in the commissioner of police about a credit card fraud through the foundation. Then see them back in court with the young wife on trial and being pointed out as the only one over the body of the husband with the bloody letter opener. Then they are about to set up a sting to get the person who says they can help get to the mysterious M. To which the sting goes horribly wrong as the mysterious person tried to run down the Detective.

The Detective was sapina by the defense and then gets grilled by the defense attorney to revealing that he was unsure about the guilt of the accused. The Detective then begins going to legal printers and finds the elusive Monroe who is a security manager and arrests him. Monroe is grilled by the Detective into admitting that he saw Delomar sleeping with a friend while he was still married. And her husband killed Mr Delomar. The Police Commissioner found out it was the partners of the restaurant owner for scamming him and the Department. The Prosecutor dropped the charges on the wife of the deceased Delomar and gave the Detective (her brother) a peace offering.

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